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Melinda Miceli

Agent artistique

Melinda Miceli

Agent artistique




Via Adda 58, Siracusa

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Biography Melinda Miceli ,

Critico ed esperto d'arte, scrittrice dannunziana indottrinata

Melinda Miceli was born in Augusta on 07.01.1974, lives in Syracuse. After completing his classical and university studies, he begins to travel and get to know distant lands, such as Africa and Ireland, places that will impress themselves on canvas in landscape works. His multifaceted inspiration, not finding completeness in the pictorial expression, then turns into anthropological and love verses; published in 2001 the first collection of poems entitled "Life of passions" in which he wanted to suggest with refined symbolism the aspects of decadent social morality by glimpsing the suffering of the intellectual who takes refuge in the elegant pleasures of travel and beautiful verses.
He published "Il lago di Lentini" historical-artistic and hydrographic essay full of suggestive literary and poetic signs that won the geographic prize Giovanna Cultrera in 2009. Follow other refined and renowned essays by connoisseurs such as "The Alcantara gorges, the Anapo and the Ciane, Cavagrande del Cassibile", "Syracuse and the wonders of Unesco" adopted by the university, "Crossing Noto baroque and the Eloro ", Bilingual" Siracusa Noto Pantalica Akray ", for which medieval studies the writer obtains international awards such as various literary prizes and 2 honorary degrees conferred by the prestigious University of Cantherbury who mark her in the editorial panorama as the greatest accredited and noble author in the field of non-fiction of the territory. Among the didactic books "Crossing our history" winner of the European educational publishing call for children and "Treasures of Syracuse" adopted by the elementary and middle schools of the Capital City in 2009, 2015 "Syracuse province of Europe" 2015 Monieri Editore. His guides are highly cultural journeys, considered by critics to be the most detailed on Syracuse and Eastern Sicily, included in the Art Book. For her scenographic and suggestive language defined as "standhalian elegance" capable of revealing also symbolism and esotericism of each city with precious and unpublished details, she is defined cultured and D'Annunzian writer. He taught in post graduate masters on the history of Sicily and the cultural heritage of the island. Also in Pon on the Sicilian Baroque and on the Italian language and its origin in higher educational institutions.
As a journalist and art critic but also literary he has written 3000 articles and reports on the history and art of the area often enriched by symbolic and esoteric references for newspapers such as Notabilis, La Domenica, Il Ponte, Il Cammino, Informa Sicilia, Libertà , Globus, Ars Magistris, Ok arte, Luz Cultural, Arts Direct.
From 2015 to 2019 Melinda Miceli is defined as the prize writer; Nominated 2015 Sicilian Woman of the Year Award for writing and art, an honor that she also holds in 2016 Special Woman Award for literature thanks to the cultured and esoteric novel "Primadonna in Sicily", Morrone Editore.
In 2017 she was nominated Sicilian Woman of the Year Award as Literary and Artistic Critic.
Other honors: 2016 Mediterranean Venus for literature, Sicily Culture Award 2017, Art Pentafoglio Award 2017, 2016, City of Acireale Literature Award, Aretusa Literature Award 2017, Valle dello Jato Award 2017, Charme of art Award as Art Critic also esoteric, Ippogrifo d'oro 2017 for literature, Diva award of the year 2019 for literature, 2018 Certificate of institutional merit to the Ars Magistris artistic career, Sigfrido d'oro for his career as honorary artistic director of Ars Magistris; Sicily 2020 Culture Award.
From 3 January 2019 honorary artistic director of Ok Arte magazine Milan assignment that leaves after 7 months.
From 7 January 2019 honorary artistic director of Sarno city festival national popularity prize Hippogriff of gold and starts writing for the Italian art encyclopedia of which he is now the contact person for the South.
Honorary art critic and reference of the magazines Luz Cultural magazine Spain and Globus magazine, Melinda Miceli is present on many art portals including Arts direct and Pittart where as an art critic she makes cultural dissemination on selected places and artists. It is no coincidence that he is also the international Vicar for Culture and the art of the order of the Federician Templars and always honorary artistic director of Oscar of the arts and entertainment and of the Federico 2 e Cultura Sicilia Award. Her ability and reliability as a culture volunteer places her as a reference point for many awards and art magazines in which she brings together experienced and discovered talents. In 2019 he established the international Certamen on Western Cathedrals of which he is President. Melinda Miceli also recently wrote subjects for the cinema and is recognized as an important icon and "aedo" of Sicilian female culture. In September 2020 he published his first novel abroad "La catedral de l'alma" with Ediciones Matrioska, Spain that spread it in America Latina.