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Smolenskin, 5, Tel Aviv

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All TransactionArt projects are interconnected, and make up the general outline of the TransactionArt world: One project flows into another. It all started with the slogan: “We are children of war, the war is money, money has no face, it is as simple as Transaction, we are children of the Transaction, we are children with hidden faces” - {$ M}. Transaction art originated in London, when I was already consciously covering my people. So the heroes appeared with hidden faces - “hidden faces”. During this period appeared: "Collection of figures." 2. Officially, Transaction Art was presented in Amsterdam as part of a performance. Then on the floor of the church, where I was allocated a "plot", I saw a plate with the inscription {$ M}. $ M - on this stove means that the stove belonged to some European eminent family. You can find this church in Amsterdam and see for yourself if this plate is unlikely to have been removed. $ M is SM + L = {$ M}. But this signature was created before my arrival in Amsterdam. I took it as a sign from above. https://youtu.be/Ai8DKitwBk4 3. Short films followed: “Stories of the insides in a brief retelling” https://youtu.be/qMZCiectaH4 and video art: https://youtu.be/JwsH6E7Bdpw. The main theme of all these works is hidden faces. In fact, these are stories about the dead, and their restless souls. Gehenny remember? - That's about the same thing. 4. Once I saw a video on the Internet: In the city of Yekaterinburg, a girl lost consciousness from the cold, waiting for public transport. Urine hit me in the head, and I decided to save Russia through art and develop the theory of hidden faces. So the project was created: "Inglourious Basterds: #heat stops." For two years no one knew who the author of this project was. And I confirmed my theory of TransactionArt and hidden faces. “Inglourious Basterds: # warm stops - actionism with a length of 6 years. You know this story well, or you can easily find information about it. 5. #Labyrinths of Transaction. I was on a small scale, and I introduced fashion to art. #TransactionInFashion. This project flowed into the “History of Special Beauty”. 7. "The dismembered body finds unity in the image of another: let's play Gd." In the meantime, TransactionArt beasts were born. 8. Performances / installations: • “TransactionArt Eggs” - installations. On the one hand, these are the heads of my people: hidden faces, on the other - the eggs from which the animals appeared. • “Error” - this is our already become relative, for which the collection of money continues. 9. #TransactionInSelfie - in 2020 the whole world became the heroes of the TransactionArt world. The project was created in 2016 in Italy and moved very slowly until 2020. The project turned out to be prophetic. Masks are needed in order to become someone else and show individuality - {$ M} https://instagram.com/transaction_

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