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Giuseppe Rubicco


Giuseppe Rubicco




Via Seminario, Avellino

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La natura è una scultura

Biographie de Giuseppe Rubicco

Giuseppe Rubicco was born in Venticano a gentle rolling hill in the province of Avellino where since his childhood is passionate creating clay figurines for his home presepy.
Giuseppe will then go to The Accademy of Fine Arts in Avellino where he works and produces copies of classical sculputers at the same time frequenting art studios of his tutors; Elio Parisi,Tuççio de Franco and Giovanni SpinelliArtist and Sculptor takes part in extemporary exhibitions that together with street art; cubism and surrealism inspire a great deal of his art.
He joins the Accademy for Fine Arts in Naples where his tutor is Augusto Perez.
In 1974 Giuseppe begins his teaching career at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Brera where hi meets Alik Cavaliere.
Today he lives in the historical centre in Avellino where he has produced many artworks which can be found and exhibited around the area he lives.Examples of his wors can be found at Conza della Campania piece for the rebirth of the local town, at Ercolano where the twin towers piece dadicated to events of 9/11 in New York, at Calitri with permanent art work installed in Cupa Path exemplifying art and nature.
Sculptor and Artist Giuseppe Rubicco is a renowned artist of national stature, taking an innovative approach to art inspired by nature and social.

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Giuseppe Rubicco le 16/10/2020
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